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Coach's Reconciliation Guide

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This resource is meant to be used with "The Path of a Peacemaker" book. It's highly recommended that you read it first. 

The Coach's Reconciliation Guide is meant for pastors, biblical counselors, mentors, or anyone helping others through conflict. It's an easy-to-use, biblically-based guide that contains the full Reconciliation Guide plus instruction for coaches, suggestions, and sections for notes. 

The Coach's Guide helps you walk others from beginning to end through biblical conflict reconciliation. This Guide is the same resource that Peacemaker Ministries uses when we help people with conflict, and now it's available for you to use.

Purchase Options:

Coach's Reconciliation Guide: Purchase just the Guide without any resources for those you're helping.

Starter Kit: Provides materials for helping one individual, and one couple. Get 2 Coach's Guides, 3 Reconciliation Guides, and 3 "Path of a Peacemaker" books. 

Couples Kit: Meant for helping a couple through conflict. Get 1 Coach's Guide, 2 Reconciliation Guides, and 2 "Path of a Peacemaker" books.

Group Kit (for 5): Meant for a group of 3-5 people that are in conflict. Get 1 Coach's Guide, 5 Reconciliation Guides, and 5 "Path of a Peacemaker" books. 

Group Kit (for 10): Meant for a group of 6-10 people that are in conflict. Get 1 Coach's Guide, 10 Reconciliation Guides, and 10 "Path of a Peacemaker" books.